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Users name changes each day after import

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I have a user who's name keeps getting overridden in Hornbill each night after the import is done.  

The name is Glück and Hornbill will resolve it to Gluck, which is incorrect.  I am able to manually change it to Glueck which they are happy with, but each day it changes back to Gluck.  

Is there a way that Hornbill can show the name as Glück or, if a change is made, it can remain? Below is a screen shot of how it is now, after I've made the change again to the spelling of the name: 



This is how it shows in a job that they have raised too: 



Any ideas please?

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Hi @James Ainsworth

Do you or anyone else have any idea on what can be done for our user? She's still complaining about the spelling of her name, and manually changing it each working day isn't a viable solution for us.  

We have no issues with our other systems with her name, just Hornbill now.  

Is there a way that our import method, that's run each morning, can understand the ü markup and bring it into the handle for her name, automatically? 

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@Emily Patrick Just so I'm clear - is the Last Name successfully resolving to Glück and the Handle to Gluck?

If yes, check what is populating the Handle field.

If the standard AD/Azure fields are used (givenName for First Name and sn for Last Name) and Last Name is successfully resolving to Glück, then I would expect Handle to work as well, unless it's not set to [givenName] [sn]

If it's not set to that it's worth looking at the value in AD/Azure to check that it's set as you require.

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@Emily Patrick If [sn] is populated (in AD) with Glück and [cn] with Gluck you can use [givenName] [sn] as the Handle value which should populate the correct name.

You would, of course, need to bear in mind that this could affect other Users, e.g. where a person's given name is populated in the [givenName] field but their preferred name is used in the [cn]

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