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I need an OR gate rather than an AND gate


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I am trying to have two external authorisation nodes running in parallel but I want the whole process to move on if just one of the two nodes gets a response.
I've tried parallel processing node but that works on the basis of an AND gate rather than an OR gate.

So what I am attempting to do is to have 2 separate external authorisers via separate emails and to move on when just one says yes or no.
I was hoping maybe I could force one to expire when the other has had a response but I cant seem to be able to do that either.

Can anyone help me.

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Aa far as I'm aware, an External Authorisation waits until:

  1. The action is Authorised
  2. The Action is Refused
  3. The Authorisation Expires

There is no option to "Wait until a different authorisation is completed"

You could try setting an expiry on each Authorisation, then if both have expired looping back and resending the Authorisations, but you can't achieve what you're looking for as described.

With Full Authorisations you can set multiple Authorisors and give them weightings so that any combination from one to all Authorisors giving approval will move it on, this does require a Collaboration License though.

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