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Pop-ups not disappearing in Service Manager Request View


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We've now got two users who cannot get rid of their pop-ups! This is a new issue we've started seeing and I'm concerned it's growing.

They have clicked to open them but they do not collapse again; so their view is massively obscured. This is in Edge browser. They stay popped-out even if you refresh the page so it's UI-related.

Clearing all the browser cache usually clears the issue but then it comes back again for these users.

Anyone else having this? It's like the code that collapses them is not running when clicked.


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Hi @Berto2002

We also use Edge but haven't seen this issue - not sure if its related to the version.


Could you get the two users to try Chrome or a different browser as a workaround. 


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Thank you @Berto2002,

Can you please ask the user if he can still see that error to send us the diagnostics generated?

  1. Refresh the page (F5)
  2. Open the user menu
  3. Click on "Start Diagnostics"
  4. Navigate the app to produce the issue a few times
  5. Click "Stop Diagnostics"
  6. Send the outcome to our support or in a Private Message in the Hornbill Community.

Thank you,




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