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User Status via Importer

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Hi all,

I've recently updated to the new Importer and whilst attempting to configure the conf.json I keep running into an issue where the value of 'status' that we're passing over is not being accepted.  


Here is the relevant line from the SQL query: 

THEN 'active' ELSE 'archived' END AS [status] 

Here is the entry in conf.json:



The error states:

Error: The value '{{.status}}' for element <accountStatus> is not an allowable value at location '/methodCall/params/accountStatus'


Can anyone advise what I've done wrong?

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@Drew Davies Sorry, my mistake - I think I misread the error.

2 hours ago, Drew Davies said:

The value '{{.status}}' for element <accountStatus> is not an allowable value

It's the {{.status}} that's not being accepted. The Tool translates the active/suspended/archived to the correct numeric value.

Can I check that you're using the SQL User Import tool? If so which version are you using, and what is your Data Source?

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Hi @Drew Davies,

The value set in Status.Value isn't actually merged with data from the DB. The utility is literally passing through the value set in the configuration file.

It's on my radar - I'll get it added in 2.3.1 (or so; check the CHANGELOG). FYI: there are two places within the utility-code which expect that to be static within the configuration (so it is not as easy as "just merge").

---> added to 2.3.1 : https://github.com/hornbill/goDb2HUserImport/releases/latest

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