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  1. Hi @Steven Boardman, I've added the field into the list now but I was wondering if there's a way for me to label it so it doesn't just say 'Attribute X' as well?
  2. Hi all, As in the title, I was wondering if it's possible to add and label the data from the custom fields of a user's record so that it appears under the 'Customer' section of a call log? Currently we have fairly standard info in there such as company, job title and contact details etc.
  3. Hi @Lauren, We had similar issues (and still do to an extent), for us the main solutions were pretty much what you've suggested. As an alternative you could try creating another general Service that's visible to both of your departments. When a ticket is identified as being with the wrong department, create a 'Linked' ticket using the new service. The process for that one could be to mimic the Summary, Description etc. of the original call and then each department should be able to assign it to the other without needing to be granted full visibility over all tickets in each other's q
  4. Hi @Michael Sharp Sounds like something a custom query data list would be able to accommodate fairly easily Example: SELECT h_pk_reference, TIMEDIFF(ADDTIME(h_datelogged, SEC_TO_TIME(h_responsesecs)), NOW()) AS Remaining FROM h_itsm_requests WHERE h_fk_team_name IN ('YourTeamName, NULL) AND (h_status='status.open' OR h_status='status.new') AND h_withinresponse IS NULL You could change the last line to ' AND (h_withinresponse IS NULL OR h_withinresponse = 0) ' but this would pull back all calls with a breached response until they're resolved
  5. We've just implemented this and have also had positive feedback - makes it easier for me to get a quick glance at the important logs in our queue
  6. Hi @Steven Boardman, It was the Service Levels inside the SLAs so thank you for clarifying that it won't delete any historic data
  7. Hi all, We have recently created a number of new Service Levels for 2019. We would now like to either delete or at least hide the old ones so they can no longer be used but we don't want all of our historic tickets to be left without a Service Level. Is there a way to do this?
  8. Hi @Bob Dickinson, Did you manage to get an update on this one?
  9. Morning, I've just tried to put one of our Hornbill boards into a slideshow but as it's not just an option, thought I'd try doing a custom widget pointing to the url of the board in question. As you can see, no luck there. Is there any way that I can do this?
  10. Simple issue, the ordering on the Active State and Published Version columns doesn't work:
  11. Hi @James Ainsworth, I had a feeling that the signature images may have been involved with this. Is there no way to simply automatically add all attachments that aren't image file types? Most attachments for us are Word docs/Excel spreadsheets (although I would understand if this isn't the case for most people). Failing that you could have a modifiable setting that dictates a minimum image file size to qualify for automatically being attached? E.g. any images >200KB auto-attach and anything less than that doesn't?
  12. Hi all, This has likely been asked before but I did try to have a look without success. Is there a way to have a slideshow only display a specified dashboard if certain criteria are met? For example, having a dashboard that only displays if a ticket has/is going out of SLA or that a critical ticket has come in etc.?
  13. We've been having that recently too, we figured it was something cached on our side causing a fake error but we haven't thoroughly tested anything yet.
  14. Morning everyone, We've had a few people who have emailed our Service Desk regarding an open ticket and their email contains an attachment (a .doc or something similar). Although the email itself is being added to the relevant ticket, the attachment isn't being added to the 'Attachments' section. Is this something that's a config we need to turn on somewhere? Currently we need to scroll through the timeline, view the email, save the attachment then go back to the ticket and add it. Thanks in advance
  15. Ah that's a shame, are there no plans of enabling an 'Advanced Automated' node alongside all the others that already exist?
  16. Hi @Victor, I'm looking for a way to have the summary/description text be conditional according to various inputs in a single Automated Task without requiring a decision tree before hand
  17. Hi @Victor This looks great, I can imagine a number of places this will come in useful. How come we don't have this same functionality within the ticket summary/descriptions when updating via the business process? (or do we and I just haven't seen it?)
  18. Oo looks interesting, hadn't considered using conditional text. I'll have a play - cheers
  19. Hi @Victor, don't suppose you know the answer to the 'Status' part though do you?
  20. Hi @DeadMeatGF, Looking at the other placeholders I think you may be right! Thanks for that, I'll give it a go and see if it sorts it out
  21. Heya, I've been testing the SLA escalation events with the email notifications and have a couple of issues: 1) Both the 'Summary' variable and the 'Subject' variable is all lower case when sent in the email 2) The 'Status' variable in the email template includes the full status name exactly as in the database. This means it says 'status.open' rather than 'Open' 3) Customer name variable comes across as blank Are these things that can be fixed?
  22. Hi @James Ainsworth, That's great thank you, I'll have a play around with those settings and we'll likely try it out for a while. Now to really push my luck though, is there a way for us to automatically update the availability by an API? Thanks everyone for all your hope so far
  23. Thanks for that @Martyn Houghton, It sounds as though it's not quite what we're after unfortunately but it's useful information nonetheless! In an ideal world, we would've preferred the calls to be assigned on the round robin to people regardless of their status but with the exception of annual leave. Cheers
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