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Issue after updating SSO SAML Metadata


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We're having issues after running the update set out here: Updating SSO SAML Metadata Configuration Action Required - Hornbill

We've followed the required steps, imported the meta data file into Azure AD and clicked the update button against the profile in Hornbill but now received this error when trying to log in with SSO: 


I've also tried creating a brand new profile and importing the IDP xml data from Azure AD and there is still a mis-match on the reply URL. I'm believe we've followed all of the steps correctly and the URL's have all been populated on both sides from the file upload. 

Is anybody else experiencing an issue after processing this update? 

This is affecting all of our self service users who do not have a manual login option. I'll raise with support if necessary. 

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Hi @TrevorHarris, thanks for the swift reply. We've resolved it now, I'd expected everything would be updated as required in the Azure Enterprise App when we uploaded the metadata files, but the reply URL wasn't changed and still had the old value - we've updated the 2 that we use and both now tested and working :) 


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