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Asset Export only returns 11 records


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As of this morning, when we try and export from our Asset list, we only get 11 records returned.   The actual records do change depending on filters applied, but we are expecting much larger numbers.   Almost as if it's only returning the top 11 of the list.

Any ideas what could be going on here?

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Hi @ArmandoDM

This is set to 8,000.

The change in export results has happened recently - we were able to export all assets correctly at the end of last week.

And having checked again, it's actually only 10 results we're getting, my apologies.




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It doesn't matter what columns are selected - all the results are the same.

I've tried just the asset ID, I've tried every field. 

I've run this from the main asset menu and by diving down in to the individual category menu.

This would be a typical export I would need to run:





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Hi @JAquino  @LouiseT

may I ask if its possible to post a screenshot of the back end call when you export the asset list please?
From your browser, if you press F12 and select the network tab, when you click on 'export' you should see and 'export' function being called, like in the screenshot



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