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SYS_BPM_Manager does not exist

Daniella R. Goral

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Hi Daniella,

On a task in the BPM there are two users that can be set.  The Owner and the Assignee.  The assignee is the person that will be performing the task and the Owner is someone that is oversees the team or process.  If the Owner field is blank it will make the SYS_BPM_Manager the owner.  I'm not sure why the error, but it is always worth adding a user as the owner.  This might be the Assignee's manager or the manager for the Service Desk, or just have it the same as the Assignee. 

The benefit to having an Owner is that it gives that owner the ability to reassign or change the task.  So if the assignee is not available, the owner can reassign to someone else or complete the task themselves.  Owners can also see these tasks in their Activity Calendar so that they have a view of all the tasks that their staff are working on.  Hope that makes sense. 



Let us know if that fixes your issue.  



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This error is covered in this FAQ: 

The error occurs because SYS_BPM_Manager is (one of the) system internal users (hence the SYS_ prefix). System users are not retrieved/included by any data query and they are not included in any functionality, in this case, the task node. When the node does the assignment it will check if the user configured as assignee is valid. If not, like for example it does not exist in the system, then Hornbill will have the above error. The reason why Hornbill tries to assign the task to SYS_BPM_Manager is explained by @James Ainsworth above.

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