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  1. @James Ainsworth Is there a way for us to publish such a calendar? The idea would be to give visibility to managers so they can schedule projects accordingly. As an example, we want to avoid scheduling a server upgrade/move down during a physical inventory.
  2. Good day, yesterday we received this error on account of a human task being assigned to "owner" instead of "ownerId". This has been fixed, however this mor we are receiving the error for sys_bpm_manager not existing. How do we fix this part? @James Ainsworth
  3. @James Ainsworth Please find the above post we spoke of earlier today.
  4. Thank you, that worked for us. We even had a paragraph break in between and it worked for the whole section.
  5. We are also affected by this. How do we use the <nowiki> without it showing on each line? I found where the suggestion to use [code:sql] works as a workaround for us. In our instance, we have an analyst who is attempting to update details which follow a syntax of using # symbols to signify certain lines. The # turn into 1. xxxx, where as we would like to keep them as #. For example the below should remain as is. # Alert check for temp fin files # Change Manage: abc- HTH-NO1111
  6. We have a number of sites across the globe, most of which follow unique Company Holidays. Is there a way to publish all the holidays listed in the Working Time Calendars on a single calendar for reference? This would help our team schedule projects and tasks relevant to each site.
  7. @James Ainsworth we have the same problem this morning, and it is still existing in our instance. Help!
  8. @James Ainsworth we have the same problem this morning, and it is still existing in our instance. Help!
  9. Our Direct Outbound mailbox holds emails for a month. Sometimes, an Approval email is missed by a user and we are requested to resend. Currently, we cannot find an option to search (by ex: request number). As a workaround, we are using Chrome's Search function. This function only works if we scroll to the bottom of the Direct Outbound Mailbox in order to load all emails. Is there a setting we need to turn on in order to be able to search the Direct Outbound mailbox?
  10. Thanks @Victor, we found the issue on our part and do not need to raise a ticket.
  11. @Victor Please advise on the fix when you can. Our company is experiencing a similar issue. We have created a "Contractor" user to be pulled from all users, but does not show in the drop down.
  12. Thank you! Please do, we've had a similar setting in our Shop Floor Timesheet, which was very beneficial to management.
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