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  1. Thank you. I edited the expression to get the Card ID number = is set and that worked.
  2. We have a similar issue, and would like to chime in on this separate post. It looks like you're already working in this area, which would hopefully help us come to resolution.
  3. We create a Board where tickets, whose SLA is close to being missed, will be moved for visibility. We have the configuration set to Get Card Information, and then Remove Card from Board. This works as designed for all ticket which are moved to the Board. However, for all other tickets, we are now receiving Failure Errors. How do we set our BPM to Remove a card only if it Exists on the Board?
  4. @James Ainsworth Is there a way for us to publish such a calendar? The idea would be to give visibility to managers so they can schedule projects accordingly. As an example, we want to avoid scheduling a server upgrade/move down during a physical inventory.
  5. Good day, yesterday we received this error on account of a human task being assigned to "owner" instead of "ownerId". This has been fixed, however this mor we are receiving the error for sys_bpm_manager not existing. How do we fix this part? @James Ainsworth
  6. @James Ainsworth Please find the above post we spoke of earlier today.
  7. Thank you, that worked for us. We even had a paragraph break in between and it worked for the whole section.
  8. We are also affected by this. How do we use the <nowiki> without it showing on each line? I found where the suggestion to use [code:sql] works as a workaround for us. In our instance, we have an analyst who is attempting to update details which follow a syntax of using # symbols to signify certain lines. The # turn into 1. xxxx, where as we would like to keep them as #. For example the below should remain as is. # Alert check for temp fin files # Change Manage: abc- HTH-NO1111
  9. We have a number of sites across the globe, most of which follow unique Company Holidays. Is there a way to publish all the holidays listed in the Working Time Calendars on a single calendar for reference? This would help our team schedule projects and tasks relevant to each site.
  10. @James Ainsworth we have the same problem this morning, and it is still existing in our instance. Help!
  11. @James Ainsworth we have the same problem this morning, and it is still existing in our instance. Help!
  12. Our Direct Outbound mailbox holds emails for a month. Sometimes, an Approval email is missed by a user and we are requested to resend. Currently, we cannot find an option to search (by ex: request number). As a workaround, we are using Chrome's Search function. This function only works if we scroll to the bottom of the Direct Outbound Mailbox in order to load all emails. Is there a setting we need to turn on in order to be able to search the Direct Outbound mailbox?
  13. Thanks @Victor, we found the issue on our part and do not need to raise a ticket.
  14. @Victor Please advise on the fix when you can. Our company is experiencing a similar issue. We have created a "Contractor" user to be pulled from all users, but does not show in the drop down.
  15. Thank you! Please do, we've had a similar setting in our Shop Floor Timesheet, which was very beneficial to management.
  16. Good day, Hope you are well! Is there a setting where I would be able to set a maximum time of 8 hours on a Timesheet Manager Entry? I thought the timer would stop at 24:00, however it kept recording time well over it. We would like the timer to automatically stop at 8:00 for any given task. If a user would need overtime, they would need to login manually, again to record time over 8 hours.
  17. Thank you! That Fixed it. I thought this part of the translations would have been taken care of by the utility, but I see that there are a few strings missing in each of our languages.
  18. @Steve Giller, is there a response? We are experiencing a similar issue.
  19. This worked very well, thank you! Is there a way to allow us to change the mailbox names?
  20. Hello @James Ainsworth , following up on this as we are still seeing "You don't have Activities for the day" in all Language options. I found it in the Collaboration Translations
  21. Please add us to the same request, this would be very useful to our Management Team and would save us from creating a report export for the same information.
  22. @Alberto M The overview, I think, shows your time data. Are you looking to see other teams? If yes, then you need to be able to view that team in Timesheet Visibility. I am new to writing reports for timesheet. Are there any you might be able to share?
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