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Two email (notification) received when a user updates a ticket

John C

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Morning All,

@Victor when an end user updates a ticket, if assigned to me I receive two mail notifications instead of just one.

This happens for all members of my team and not just I. It's happening about a month now, no changes were made on our behalf to the instance in this regard and I have checked all settings in settings, nothing changed.

Please see screenshots attached, thank you.




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This issue here is not that you are receiving two emails, it is that the Timeline is being updated twice; and presumably your email notifs are then spawning from that.

The question is then what is causing that double, almost simultaneous updating of the Request. I find the more information I put on a post in a forum, showing that I have done my own testing for example, the more likely I am to get some comments.

Some thoughts from my fellow-user perspective:

  1. Is "all members of my team" everyone who uses Service Manager in your organisation or are there people or teams who do not experience this issue?
  2. Can you tie-down exactly when this started and you could look through the release dates for Service Manager releases and see if there is a coincidence?
  3. Is this happening with all Request types?
  4. Is this happening for all Services?
  5. Is this happening for all Users?
  6. What mechanisms do users use to make these updates? Is it a portal or direct in Service Manager?
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