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Custom expression not working


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@Victor I am trying to use custom expressions as below but it only works for one route and not the other. The difference here is that 2 workflows are feeding into 1. Please see the highlighted human tasks (on the separate workflows) and the specific decision node (also highlighted). Using either the Outcomes or Capture Task Fields (Employee Number) from each of the human tasks I have tried various operator options such as Outcome == Completed, Employee Number is set/not set plus No Match. I have tried to use Owner as a variable too, which also wasn't successful. Please see screenshot for the Yes route that is working as intended. Please can you advise if custom expressions can work across multiple workflows and if so are you able to suggest how to rectify this?







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2 minutes ago, Joy said:

2 workflows are feeding into 1

To avoid confusion, by workflows above we mean that in a process (which we also define as a workflow), we have 2 paths that eventually converge into 1 path. The reason for this clarification is that someone my read that as having 2 workflows as in business processes that feed into 1 which is not possible, business processes are independent.

I suspect in the decision node we use task values from a task that is not actually created (thus not exist in that workflow instance).. you can either have "Set Up New Starter on SAP" or "Confirm The New Starter Set Up" tasks, both having their own variables... since you can have one of them at a time, and you don't know which one will be created in an instance, you cannot reliably use their variables later on... in this case I woudl suggest storing the values for tasks in request custom fields, same custom fields for both tasks and use the custom field value in decisions later...

Would you be able to PM me a copy of the workflow definition file and I will confirm the above?


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