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2nd Shared Mailbox clarification

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We have a new department about to start using Hornbill to manage their own helpdesk.

If I want to setup the 2nd shared mailbox for them to use so that all email sent goes from their own email address (rather than our current and main Servicedesk email address)

Am I correct in thinking all i need to do is configure the 2nd mailbox (within system- email- shared mailboxes) with the required email address and assign that mailbox role to the required analysts?


Do I need to do anything else and I also assume there is no requirement to add an additional outbound mail routing.




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@Martyn Houghton


Ah yes thanks Martyn I forgot about all the email templates... and the need to setup their own procap forms and BP's which will need to reference the new mailbox.

Where about do you configure the "default mailbox" on their services?

I haven't decided whether to create a new service to show\list their logging forms or to try and setup a new service domain in the employee portal.

Do you use service domains? I wasn't sure how visible or obvious a different domain will be when users access the employee portal so if they would just end up logging calls on our existing default home page rather than selecting the new departments domain?



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@lee mcdermott

We do not use service domains in the Employee portal as our primary service desk are external focused so use the Customer Portal, which does not have this functionality.

In terms of setting the default mailbox, it does not appear on the main details tab for the service in the service portfolio. You have to click on the edit option to see and set the value.




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