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Set Asset relationship to entity


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I would like to request have the possibility of viewing the Asset"s relationship to an entity when linked.

Assets can be linked in multiple places (requests,assets,sites I think etc.), so it would be good to have this work the same way as the connections regions when we can define the connection type, in this case it will be to define the asset relationship type (for lack of better wording).

For example a customer raising a request to have their laptop replaced, so the old laptop is linked and marked as "To be replaced".  When a new laptop is added to the request, it can be marked as "Replacement".

It anyone is using configuration manager then it would be good for relationship value to be pulled in from here, and if updating the value outside of configuration manager for example in teh asset region against a request, for that also to feed back into configuration manager.

This can eventually extend the assets functionality in the BPM to only target assets of certain types of a certain relationship.

I hope that's clear what I'm requesting.



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