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Emails attaching to requests


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When you open an email (as image below) and then respond to it in a request the email does not appear in the timeline as I guess that it sends directly from the mailbox, but could there be a way to link it?


After the email is sent, as it is in the sent folder can there be a button to say link to request so that we can keep tabs on these emails that are being sent?

Some analysts are going into the sent mail folder and attaching the email from there afterwards, the main reason that we sometimes send emails like this is because you can include the thread of the previous emails in the response where sending from the Email Icon in the request is option is not available.

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Hi Jeremy,

Thanks for your post.  Once you click on the link in the menu to open the email, your are actually going to a different app (Collaboration).   We would need to look at a way to do this from within the ticket.  Personally, I feel that working with email threads to manage issues takes you away from the benefits of having a service desk tool.  Have you looked at having the customer emailed update notifications, and having them come back into the ticket to provide additional updates?  This way the communication chain is much more visible and in one place.

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