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Document manager GUI - Review dates

Ade M

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Im wondering if  in the All My Documents GUI when you list All My Documents you can include the review date  ie

Created :




Also  I notice that when i set the review date in a Doc properties its not appearing in Documents due for review 


my doc 1.PNG

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Hi All,

Just to jump on this thread, I have noticed if I set a review date on a new document say for 6 months time, it gives me the review activity straight away? not sure if I am setting it correctly but wanted to mention this for a little while. The below shows a new document I have loaded to Hornbill last week, and you can see my review date is set for 3/7/21 - however, I got an activity straight away for the review rather than it appearing on the 30th July 2021. Also the Document is showing in the Documents for Review tab under My Documents.

I wanted to see if this is expected behavior - I was going to add a screenshot of the activity but I have cleared it down when it 1st popped up



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