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Broken Images in Email Template when copying in from Microsoft Word (has worked in the past)

Adam Toms

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Hi all,

I've looked to see if there are other posts regarding this issue but haven't spotted any so apologies for any duplication.

I'm trying to create a template to provide our customers with some instructions on how to access Microsoft Forms after and automated actvity to add the user into an AD group has taken place. We have been able to in the past copy content stored in Word, stored in SharePoint or One Drive, and use this to base our instructions on.

When doing this, I get broken previews of the images stored

Please see the screenshot below:



Does anyone have any ideas how I best get round this?

Many Thanks


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Hi @Victor,

Thanks for the quick response.

You were correct that although the Word file copied was stored in SharePoint, the images were pointing to a temp file location stored on my PC.

To see if the issue was due to this, I've stored the images in my One Drive, created a URL and inserted the images into the email template, however the preview is still broken.

Please see screenshot attached.

I'm now at a loss as to why this is not working.

Many Thanks


Inserting image using URL form One Drive- Preview Still Broken.PNG

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