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Found 11 results

  1. We are having an issue with broken images in FAQ's. We have started to publish and promote the use of FAQ's across the business and when the FAQ's are first published the images show fine. Today I have looked at them and over 50% now have broken image icons where the screen shot used to be? Does anyone know what could be causing this and how to resolve it?
  2. Hi all, I've looked to see if there are other posts regarding this issue but haven't spotted any so apologies for any duplication. I'm trying to create a template to provide our customers with some instructions on how to access Microsoft Forms after and automated actvity to add the user into an AD group has taken place. We have been able to in the past copy content stored in Word, stored in SharePoint or One Drive, and use this to base our instructions on. When doing this, I get broken previews of the images stored Please see the screenshot below: Does anyone have any ideas how I best get round this? Many Thanks Adam
  3. At the moment you can only upload an image to an individual asset. It would be really useful to either be able to add our own thumbnail picture or even select from font awesome icons for the default image for each Asset Type. At the moment every asset type under each asset class has the same hard coded image. These images are not consistent with the ones displayed when accessing 'Asset Management', which do appear to be font awesome icons. Cheers Martyn
  4. Good morning, please could you advise on how we upload our own images to use on the company portal & whether they need to be of a certain size, quality or format? Many thanks Mark
  5. Hornbill receives emails with images in the body and displays the image in the incoming mail window fine, but when we go to forward that email, it doesn't handle displaying this image, leaving a blank square where the image should show (as attached) The image in the email is .png
  6. Hi all, Since I did the update this morning I can't get our portal homepage image to load. It is instead replaced by the default Hornbill image. It is held on our iis server and has been fine since our go live 8 months ago. The url is not https and is set via the advanced settings. I can navigate to the image directly via a browser. Any ideas?
  7. Hi, Just a silly question but it is possible in the near future to have the ability to paste images (screenshots) in emails when using the tab from a request? I do appreciate you can attach files, but it simply does not have the same effect on both users and analysts... And consequently our analysts are not following best practices and contact users directly with their personal outlook accounts! Any feedback would be appreciated as I need to answer to my boss on this one.
  8. It would be very helpful if images could be pasted into the description/summary-field while logging tickets from the service portal. It would be nice to have the same feature for agents as well, especially when accessing callers screens remotely. I guess this is not supported in any of the fields in progressive capture. The images should stay inline with the text in the request timeline. This would make the "forget about email, use the portal"-argument even more likely to succeed.
  9. When applying an email received directly into the mailbox to an existing ticket currently this will automatically attach all email attachments this is to include any email footer images/logos. These non-relevant images are not required on the ticket and appear as attachments in the timeline feed. We are unable to remove these as we would be able to if we raised a new request. The only way we can do this is by going into the ticket and selecting the remove function from the relevant attachment but then this feeds into the Time line. is there another way fo doing this that i am unaware of or is this going to be developed in the future?
  10. We have our calls automatically updated if an email comes into the mailbox containing the call reference However if that email contains embedded images they don't appear in the attachments section or in the timeline Also, when sending an email to a user you can't imbed an image like you can in the update call section, you have to save the image and add it as an attachment I would need to test if an attachment is added onto the call if it arrives via an update email kind regards, Pete
  11. At the moment in a Workspace Post, Question, Comment or Answer you can only paste in or attach a single image/file. Is there any plans to support multiple images/files? Cheers Martyn
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