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Suggested Enhancements to Supplier Manager

Frank Reay

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I have recently been configuring Supplier Manager for our use.  The tool will on the whole work really well for us but as is the case with a new module I have identified what I believe are some useful enhancements. 

Any support from other customers would be helpful (although unless people have dived in then I guess that some of this won't mean very much!)

  • When viewing an individual Contract - the associated Supplier can only be identified by the Supplier Logo image (if one has been uploaded). If there is no logo image then the only way to identify the Supplier is to go back to the Contract List View and find it there. So can we have an extra Information field in the Contract screen on the right under the image which says: Supplier: ABC Ltd
  • Currently a Contract can only be linked to an Asset if that Asset is initially linked in the Supplier of the Contract. That is fine and I can see that this ensures good integrity. However the Asset can still be removed from the Supplier without any warning that there are existing Contract > Asset links. If a direct Contract > Asset link is allowed then why can’t we just set that up as a direct link in the first place?
  • On the List View screens (for Suppliers and Contracts) there is no customised Views option as we have in Service Manager. Also we cannot change the pre-set Filters. This means that I cannot create my own customised Views based on my choice of Filters. Furthermore I would then like the ability to Share Views ie same as Service Manager.
  • Finally, this is probably more generic than just Supplier Manager. When I am creating a custom field in either the Supplier or Contract screens I cannot create a Drop down from an HB system list eg Sites, Supplier list (required as I want to link a 3rd party supplier to a Contract typically because they are a sub-contracted support provider).

I believe there are further enhancements planned for Supplier Manager. In my view these are what really enable us to leverage the value from using the module. In particular...

  • Integration with Asset Management in Service Manager.
  • I have also raised a separate Forum Topic on Auto Tasks and BPM/Lifecycle Process. 
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@Frank Reay thanks for your post and apologies for the delayed response.

Regarding your points:

1. Yes - I will ask our development team to add this so that the supplier name is also presented, as well as their logo.

2. This has been identified as a defect and our development team are currently working to fix this. An asset should not be able to be removed from a supplier if there are existing contracts that use it.

3. Thanks for these enhancement suggestions. I will pass them onto our development and product teams.

4. I will check with our core development team as this sounds like a potential defect.


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