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Dave Longley

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Hello, I have been asked to look into the concept of highlighting tickets logged by VIP staff.  Is it possible (sure it is)

1. Add a custom filed to flag a user as a VIP

2. Create a board so that this can display all tickets logged by these VIP and then have certain lanes to see if this ticket is relevant status (in progress , resolved, Within SLA etc - this is still to be decided)

Any other suggestions would eb appriciated?




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Hi Dave,

One approach would be to use the Custom Fields on the user accounts for adding or flagging if a user is a VIP user. 


Step 1: Within the Administration portal, you could add the text VIP  to one of the available attributes for each of the VIP users.



Step 2: Within your existing BPM Workflow where you wish to automatically add the request to a VIP Board, you would then use the Get Information Hornbill Automation for getting the details of the customer that is set against the request.  This Hornbill Automation includes returning the above custom attributes.


Step 3:  After the Get Customer Hornbill Automation, add a Decision Node.  This will split into two branches.  One for adding the request to the VIP board and the other will be the standard route.  Leave the standard route as No Match and have the other branch use a Custom Expression

The custom expression on the Decision node branch for Is VIP User should look a little like this.  The Customer Custom 1 will need to match custom field where the VIP text is stored on the user record.  



Step 4: Following on from this you would define your Hornbill Automation for adding the request to the Board.

Your workflow may look a little like this once done.  Do let me know if you have any questions. 




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