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hide 'Optional' custom fields in Email templates???

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Does anyone know if its possible to have the following:


Progressive capture has a number of custom fields...The intention is to provide a summary and/or authorisation email, in this instance, to a change authority with enough information about a change request that they can comfortably approve or decline without checking the ticket in Hornbill.

The change authority in this exact instance is the business owner of an application so they are not a full Hornbill SM user, just a collaborative user.


The issue I have is the progressive capture has fields that are optional.

At the moment the email template is designed so the 'h_custom_a' h_custom_b etc etc fields are defined in the email template. The mapping works for fields that are populated with text, but any 'optional' fields that are left blank in the capture are displayed as {{h_custom_xx}} in the email as per screenshot  #1 below.

Ideally I would like any custom fields that are left blank in the progressive capture form to be invisible in the email template...such as in the snagit amended screenshot #2 

(email template design not completed, so ignore the general look and feel of it:-) )





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@steve giller - Thanks for the really quick response.

I have check out the wiki page.....As a quick fix I have used the 'Empty variable modifier' which is working..

The ESP conditions look good, but I think I need a quiet space and an little more time to digest that option.

Thanks again :-)

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