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Help with Date field display


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I'm struggling to get a date field to appear correctly within a call.  We are currently working on updating our PC & BPM's and I've noticed on our latest one when testing the date isn't appearing as it used to.  I'd be grateful for any help as I can't see what's changed.

This is how it currently displays (on the existing call) image.png.a7e56fe5184619ab6aea75dc27b46a86.pngimage.png.d2b12ba8ed7baeeeb6e6a18c9caf1283.png

The information is being put into custom field d and has been working fine.

On the new PC/BPM it's put into custom field D again and it's now appearing like this: image.png.d518586241660992739e0688d6d5f9cc.png

I've checked and the field is still set to a 'Date control' field.  I've tried changing it from custom field d to custom field 21 (as that's a date field) and it comes through like this:



I'm totally confused and can't see why it's changed.

Can any one help?




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Have a read of https://community.hornbill.com/topic/19679-resolution-time-on-resolved-emails-incorrect-before-clocks-went-back-also-showing-a-z-at-the-end-of-the-string/

I think you just need to add |formatLocalTime to the date variable


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