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Employee portal landing page as domain page?

Alberto M

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Is it possible to set the default home page to a specific domain page? 

When the user opens the employee portal it lands in the home page https://live.hornbill.com/instance_name/internal/home/ but we would like the users to land in a specific domain page like https://live.hornbill.com/instance_name/internal/catalog/general/



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Hi @Daniel Dekel.

We have around 140 services most of them belonging to one domain (general domain) with around 15 domain categories. The homepage doesn't allow the filtering of the services by service category in the my services widget, using the drop down. 

If an user wants to find a service by the category, he needs to go to a domain instead of filtering all the services by the existing category.

Anyway... I'll think about redesigning the pages taking "why would you not add the contents of the General domain in the Home page?" into account.


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