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IF OR and THEN operators within variables


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Hi Guys - hopefully this is an easy one -  im trying to use some IF and THEN operators within a variable field within some BPM,


for example id like to set the card on our board to red if the a change is an emergency, or green for a standard change, orange for a normal change etc,, so the logic i'd use to find the change type  is>  global["flowcode"]["changeType"] == Emergency


so for my logic i would want something like IF global["flowcode"]["changeType"] == Emergency THEN COLOUR == "RED" OR IF global["flowcode"]["changeType"] == STANDARD THEN COLOUR == "GREEN"


does anyone know where i can find out how to use the above operators, cant seem to find anything on the WIKI? and how to refer to the field as well (the field is colour in this case) or can anyone give me a quick reference or example for how to do the above,




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@Gary@ADL you don’t use operators within variables, there is no such concept in HB (yet anyway). Use a decision node with two paths where you check for change type. Each of the two paths then will continue with a separate/distinct node, one for each path, nodes which are identically configured with one difference in setup for each of the nodes being the colour parameter.

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