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"I'm the Customer" view


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To save the analysts the trouble  of going to the "Company Home" page to be able to view requests where they are the customer it would be nice to have a pre-defined view in the request list "I'm the customer" which overrides the service visibility filter and displays all requests, regardless of team or service, where the analyst is the customer.
Analysts are so used to working from the request list it's kind of counter intuitive to have to go to the employee portal to view these requests

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The difference between the views is not just a visual one, it also takes on an aspect of security.  While an analyst is looking at and working within the Service Manager app, their rights and roles are elevated to allow them to process the requests that are visible to them based on team and which services they support.  When a user accesses requests through the portals, there security levels are different as they are seen as the customer and shouldn't have visibility in the same way that they would when they are working as an analyst.  An analyst working in IT should not have any elevated views of requests that they have raised with HR as a customer.    It's unlikely at this point that we would create a secure view within Service Manager for analysts to see requests where they are the customer and they are not supporting the service to these same request. 

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