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New SSO options on the new portal

Guest Paul Alexander

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Guest Paul Alexander


Will the new SSO login affect everyone who logs in to the 'new' portal? If, for instance, we create a link to a customer's request in an email, will they need to physically log in every time they visit?




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Seems like it, so it's added a step (that our users will occasionally get wrong at a time of phenomenal service desk load in our case) and breaking single sign on (i.e deep links are no longer transparently handled).

This is a big step backwards in user experience. I'm not sure why this isn't a per instance option that can be disabled, it seems to only exist to offer an Admin login, which we will never use (our admin accounts are SSO, and if we needed to avoid SSO there is a direct URL for that)

@Gerry I'm sure the rationale was circulated before (this isn't a surprise) but I don't recall any reference to why this was a global setting, and not per instance toggleable?

User experience has always been a focal point for the product I thought, and there's a sticked post about being in IT all together (this has already generated calls this morning when we've got about 3x inbound demand for service desk resource already)

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@davidrb84 you are right in that the rationale was indeed circulated before. For reference:

Ideally all these questions would be asked before the change is implemented :) 

Also the reason for the announcement was also for Hornbill admin to prepare their user base for the incoming change... to avoid "
calls this morning" :) 

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