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Supplier Manager contact details vs Contact details

Adrian Simpkins

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Hi All

Currently we have a large number of our Suppliers contact details stored within Supplier Manager. However, we want to offer just the contact details out from these records like a Contact would be setup, rather than having to duplicate data already stored within Supplier Manager. So I wanted to see is there anyway to have the contact details logged in our Supplier records, or would we have to create a standalone contact. Ideally I would want to limit who has access to the Supplier Management data, so offering this as a general role to all is not suitable.

Many thanks!

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Hi Alex,

Apologies it was an early morning ramble :) 

We have a large number of Suppliers details logged within our Supplier Manager module. However, we also want the general contact information held within these Supplier Management records to show under the Contacts area within Service Manager, so rather than grant everyone access to Supplier manager to view the contact details, I wanted to see if there is anyway to show the existing contact details stored in each supplier record within Contacts. 

I just wanted to avoid duplication of supplier contact details both within Supplier Manager, and Contacts

Many thanks

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