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Move attachment list when you Create new Request


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Using a customer email which contains an attachment, we will create a new request.  We step through the progressive capture and on the final screen, it will show which attachments are to be applied to the request (See image below).  The attachment(s) may also include additional logos (Twitter, Facebook, etc) but as these are presented to the user towards the bottom of the page, sometimes it can be missed and get added to the Request.

Users have asked if the attachments could be shown in the vacant space immediately under the [FINISH] Button (middle left part of the form) as this will be more prominent?image.thumb.png.c8f31511d1b79dbcfcf6a63173d03a43.png

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@sprasad this was created under Configuration Manager section. Configuration Manager is a functionality for assets. For better visibility, as you suggested, this should have been raised in Service Manager (since we are discussing functionality for raising requests). I have moved this there now.

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