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Set feedback on change requests?

Alberto M

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Having the ability to set the change requests to be raised through the service portal in Service Manager – turning on the guest.servicemanager.portal.additionalRequestTypes.change setting in the Service Manager – we are planning to have some services with catalog items where we want the change requests to be raised directly by users and for them to have access to it in the service portal, as this setting seems to be designed for.
While configuring these catalog items, I cannot find where to setup the customer feedback for the change requests. It seems that change requests are not supposed to have feedback from the users - which I understand if they weren't available to be raised by users - but, if they are being allowed to be raised in the service portal, wouldn't it be logical that it was possible for user-created change requests to allow feedback?



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Thanks, @Deen

But I believe that this has been defined when the option to set CH visible to the service portal was not available. Now, that it's available for some time, I think it would make sense to allow the same for CH.

Could this be set as an enhancement to the application?


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