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Add a customer to a service / remove from service within a BPM

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Hi All,

I am currently looking to see if I can setup a BPM so that it changes the customer, and adds them to a Service. Then once the request is complete I want to remove the Customer from the Service.

I recall seeing something similar to this function as last years Insights, so I wanted to check is it possible to do this within the BPM? Basically we have a Service that we do not want to offer to all our Customer base, so the requests are being raised by some of our Digital Services staff who have permissions to the Service. To prevent an overload of requests from our Customers we want to change the customer name within the BPM, add them to the service, then once the request moves to Closure we want to remove them from the Service.

I have the change customer part all sorted, however I am unsure if I can do the above within the BPM

Many thanks !

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@Adrian Simpkins One option you could look at is using the following BPM operations

* Collaboration > Application > Users > Add User to Organisation

* Collaboration > Application > Users > Remove User from Organisation


Now the thinking here, is that you have a group (organisational group of your choice), subscribed to the specific service.  Now the user won't be part of this group by default, but on raising the request you can take their userID (using variable picker) and add them to the group, which will then give them access to the service. 


Once the request is closed, you can use the remove user from organisation to remove them from the group, and in turn access to the service.

Hope that helps. 




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