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Manage custom buttons not showing all buttons

Alberto M

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I have defined a couple of custom buttons for the request page and I've set some conditions for these custom buttons to appear or not depending on the Service ID and request status. This is working fine, so the custom buttons appear or not depending on the conditions. 

What I think is not working fine is, if I click on the "Manage custom buttons" button, it doesn't show all the buttons to manage and apparently it applies the custom buttons filter to the list of buttons to manage. Like this, if I want to make changes to a custom button, I need to open a page where the filter is applied to that custom button.

Is someone else experiencing this as well? Can you check if you can reproduce this?



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@Alberto M i am not able to replicate the issue.

I like you have many different custom buttons, and these correctly show / don't show on the request depending on the conditions i have set.

These conditions do not appear to control the custom buttons i can manage (see below), which is what i would expect.

I have tried this with request status and service ID's and it behaves as expected.  


Could you share the config conditions etcu have configured so we can try to replicate?  



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