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Document Manager Docs and Basic Users on the Employee Portal

Steven Boardman

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Can you attach documents on here for non-collaboration users i.e. no access to document manager. We may upload a PDF guide or document which are publically available

@Michael Sharp

This question was asked on the Employee Portal Webinar this morning

The Employee Portal has the option for you to add document widgets to any page.   Each document manager widget can be configured to show the user either their documents (if a collaboration user), or show the documents contained in a specific library. 

If the library has been shared with basic users (who have the Doc Manager Portal role), and or a role  which basic users have (again with those basic users already having the DocManager Portal role), then they will be able to download / open the documents in the library from the widget on both the employee portal and employee mobile 

image.pngThis will not grant those basic users access to the documents properties, but they will be able to open  / download the documents themselves.



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Hello @Steven Boardman

I have created a library with documents and would like to share it with all our basic User Role user. But when i log on with my Test Basic user I cannot see the widget with the documents.

Do i miss something? When i change my view in the design mode of the employe portal from user to basic user there i can see the documets.


Thanks and Best regards













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@Nikolaj you will see that message if your basic user doesn't have the DocManager Portal role.   If you give them that role, and you have assigned the library to the Basic user role, those basic users with the DocManager Portal role will have access to the documents in  that library, and see what your full users see.

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@Steven Boardman ok thanks i will try it. I think then I miss understood you in the first post here i thought only one of these are enough. Sorry.

Best regards


If the library has been shared with basic users, or a role (DocManager Portal) which basic users have, then they will be able to download

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