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get linked request ID

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@Giuseppe Iannacone it's possible :)

1. In the BPM of the parent ticket - use a log new request node - note in the outputs for this node you get the Request ID of the newly created child ticket (as a variable)


2. Follow this node with an update request - custom field node 

In the Request ID field (the one you would never normally change), change this to manual and using the variable picker add in the output parameter from the previous node into this field - value will be like this - &[global["flowcoderefs"]["fcres"]["newRequestId"]]

In a custom field add a variable and input &[global["inputParams"]["requestId"]]


What you have done here is update the newly created child ticket and put the reference number into a custom field(of the child tickeT) which is the parent ticket ID

In the BPM of the child ticket, you can now refer to that custom field, which holds the ticket id of the parent ticket, whenever you want to apply an update to the parent from the child

So in your example from your change process  do the above, this will pass the id of the change to your release ticket, and the release ticket can then use the value in it's custom field to pass updates back to the parent change ticket

Hope that makes sense


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