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Select your identity provider - Clear 'Remember my choice'

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We are in the process of implemented a second SSO Identity Provider on our instance for Business Continuity purposes, which we have been testing for a while.

A number of users have used the 'Remember my choice' option so that their connection uses the original SSO provider, but now we need them to test the new one.

How does the user clear the 'Remember my choice' option in order that the selection screen appears for them again? Is there a cookie that needs to be removed or is there a URL command to overide?




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@Martyn Houghton

You would need to delete the idpdisco_saml_remember cookie from the domain live.hornbill.com or delete all cookies from the live.hornbill.com domain.

In chrome you can do this by opening the application tab in developer tools and clicking on the cookies option select the address https://live.hornbill.com which will give you a list of the cookies and you can delete the idpdisco_saml_remember, if other browsers it will be different.

Many thanks, Nanette.

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