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Ability to force height of widgets

Dan Munns

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Hi (me again),

Can we have the ability to force the height of widgets as well as width.

I have a page with 3 widgets in line (1)(2)(1) with 2 being a text widget. If I add a 4th widget below (4 wide) it adds a scroll bar to the text widget (even though the text doesnt really need it, the scroll bar removes maybe a lines worth of white space at the bottom)

I want to be able to set the height so that I can control if the text (or what ever widget) scrolls or is displayed in full. I like the way of controlling widgets in the Hornbill Today page but I am guessing that would involve a great deal of work to implement. Maybe something like the way you add tables in Word would work?:




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Hi @Dan Munns,

We've considered using the same layout as the Hornbill Today. The problem with that layout was that it won't work in the mobile app as it has no real order of widgets. So you will see the widgets in a random order.
Regarding the height, also came up, but the problem is that we still need to support IE11 and the type of grid it requires is not supported there. The moment we will be able to stop supporting IE11 we'll be able to do amazing things with the entire framework...


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