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New widget request

Dan Munns

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HI all, 

Now we have a shiny new portal, could we have a widget that will show all requests open under a certain domain or RI?

Facilities get a lot of duplicate requests and short of raising a known error for all requests or adding everyone in the business as a connection there is no way for users to know if a request has already been logged. 

I was thinking of some options around the 'My Requests' type widget. The ability to filter on domain, the ability to show all requests under a certain RI or domain, the ability to be able to show all requests of a certain type.

I know that there is an issue for some teams/departments to not have this ability (HR for example) but we have a number of teams that have requested this feature, and it comes up on our company innovations service on a regular basis.

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@Steven Boardman yeah I get that is why it hasnt been done at the moment.

But if we can have an option on the CI level in the portfolio that allows all users to view the requests, it will only impact that one CI (or RI)

It can be made clear on the PC that all requests logged are visible to all business users etc. 

Other than that, I do have a request to allow groups to be added as connections (for this very reason) and I can just add our 'All Staff' group as connections.

I get the security aspect, I just feel like for certain requests (like Facilities) that affect a large number of staff it is not really an issue for all staff to have visibility of the summary/status of a request.

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@Dan Munns One possible solution (thinking out loud), would be the introduction of a simple Flag on an incident form, such as Post to Portal which if ticked could add the summary of the Incident to a widget which displays currently active Incidents (with options to filter by Service Domain / Service Category), possibly have these be automatically removed from the widget once the Incident is closed.   

This would:

* Not provide access to the Incidents

* Only Display the Summary

* Allow teams to mark those as being visible to the portal (maybe an option in the bpm to auto set this flag)

Just an idea at this stage, but how would this work for your use case?  

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@Steven Boardman yep, if I can set it in the BPM then that would work fine. 

I can control the request Summary and just post open requests on the Facilities page for all to see. If the widget can be set to only show in progress status requests then all would be good in the world.

You said incidents in your post but I am assuming this would be for all request types?

If so sounds like a plan. 

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