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Dan Munns

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Now I know this is brand new and I am loving it so far, however, could we have some options around widget behaviour for this:

I want to be able to have a widget showing in column 4 only if there is data to show. If there is no data and the widget is hidden, I want the widget in columns 1-3 to expand into the empty space so I dont have a gaping hole in the page.

If this is possible already I cant find how to configure it.

Basically I want to have a full bar widget showing available services, but if a user has currently open requests, show those in column 4. If no open requests then only display available services across the 4 columns.



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Hi @Dan Munns,

Are you aware of the option "Hide if no data is available"? That will only work if you use the full row length (4 columns) and this is exactly because of the reason you are mentioning. To avoid breaking the layout.

What you are saying will be tricky to implement, but it could work. I'll add it to our list and see how it goes.




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