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Multi Assign and Update on requests

Adrian Simpkins

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Hi All

I have 3 requests which were bulk assigned from one team to another this morning, along with a covering comment in the Assign window that pops up, however none of the requests are showing the comment that was input at the team of reassignment. I can see that all were assigned at 9.24am this morning but none of the requests show the comment. Is there anyway to check why the comment was not applied at all please as the missing comment caused some issues between the teams

Many thanks

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Hi @Adrian Simpkins

we could not replicate this issue, so to check why the comment was not added we should look at the log files on your instance.

Nonetheless, if you update to the latest build, you should no longer experience this issue.
In the event you still experience the same issue on the latest build, please  report to us, so we may try to replicate and fix.



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