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customer or service portal?


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We have some users who work for a sub company and therefore have a different email address to all our normal users who use  SSO to access the service portal, these users can't access the service portal as it fails to authenticate them.  I was considered adding them as contacts instead but you don’t seem to be able to assign assets to contacts.  Can you advise me what is the best set up for these users please?

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Happy new year! 

You are right, if you need to assign assets to them, they need to be basic users, not external contacts. 

You have two options. 

If your sub-users are on an AD domain, you could set up a second SSO profile, when they first log in they would need to select the profile and once they successfully authenticate it would remember that profile. 

Alternatively, you can add those users as users manually (or import them) and set a password on their Hornbill user account, then they can login using those credentials instead of using SSO. 

Hope that helps,


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Just to add to what Gerry said, you can enable the option for users to login manually whilst using SAML by setting the application setting guest.anonymous.saml.user.allowhornbilllogin to true, this setting can be found in Home > Applications > Hornbill Collaboration > Application Settings


When enabled this will present users with a screen before login where they can select to login with SSO or to login directly.

Hope this helps

Trevor Harris


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