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Summary does not always populate on the same type of Catalogue requests?

Adrian Simpkins

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Hi all,

So currently a number of our catalogue BPMs are set so that when the call is raised the Summary will populate with a) Catalogue item name b) value selected so for example our Equipment Fault requests should raise with a Summary something like 'Equipment Fault Desktop PC' or 'Equipment Fault Desktop Analogue Phone' etc.

However, I note from time to time the summary is not always being populated even though the data is available to populate this field. As you can see from the below screen shot we have had a number of the same type of request raised, but only one has populated the Summary field as expected. The below screen shot shows the same type of request being raised but only the 1st one at 8.59 has populated the Summary, and the others after have not even though the same option was selected for all (Other Request).


Many thanks !

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@Adrian Simpkins

Does you BPM have the get request details right at the beginning of the the workflow? It could be that the request has not yet finished being fully logged and the get request details node is not returning the information as it has not been fully committed/cached yet.

It would be worth inserting a team visible timeline update before the node to update the Summary with it inserting the values it has from the Get Request Details so you can see what each case returned at the time.

We have had issues like this when getting request details after a suspend node when our instance is busy. We have had to put in arbitrary steps to delay the node being run to get the corrected updated data.



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Hi Martyn

Thank you for the suggestion - I did wonder if it was a delay of some sort when these requests are raised - after some further checks it appears that the affected requests were raised by one of our staff who works remotely in another county, so I think the delay is affecting the requests she raises. We still have all the associated questions asked, its just the summary is failing to update. I will consider perhaps looking to delay the get request details if it starts affecting multiple requests

Many thanks as always

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