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Newbie to Service Manager would appreciate some assistance.

I have created a default view of the Request list so all Analysts see the same fields. I have admin rights so can see everything but although i have given them access via My Requests  = IT Support and View = Default View they cannot see the view despite me Sharing the View with them.  See below for my screenshots. They dont see the IT Support option or the Default View option. 

Default View.PNG


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Hi @7oaks

@Lyonel is spot on, only members of the IT support team will be able to see tickets that have been assigned to the IT Support team. Each analyst will need to be assigned in the System -> Organisational Data section of the admin portal. I've put a screenshot below to highlight exactly where:


If that is all good, then each analyst will then be able to select the IT Support team from the Team drop down from the request list to the see the current team queue.

For the shared views part, each view needs to be shared with a user / team / role from within the view. This is done within the view itself, on the right hand side tab on your second screenshot above. 

Once the view has been shared with the IT Support team, each member of the team will be able to access the view via the 'Shared Views' section of the views drop down list. Like this:


Hopefully this sorts it, but let us know if you are still having any issues


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