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  1. Steve, pleased to say another browser worked (even after advising them to do this initially). Thank you
  2. This is the error she is getting but i cannot work out why. No other staff affected.
  3. Emails are still getting through to the mailbox within Supportworks rather than sitting in the Outlook one.
  4. We are currently seeing the following messages appear in our Supportworks mailbox. I have tried restarting the SwMailService and the Server itself to no avail. Does anyone have any suggestions. (this is the first time ive seen this and not been able to get it working again) Thanks Debby There was a problem connecting to the POP3 account: Server: outlook.office365.com Port: 995 User: RevBenTechTeam@..... Password: ******** The most likely reason that this error has occurred is that your mail server (outlook.office365.com) is currently down.
  5. I have been asked to create some reports in the next few days to show the following:- Total number of Service Requests and Incidents, Per period (which could change), Fixed within SLA, By Team (of which we have 4) Only problem is, 1, we went live last August and 2, due to Covid have not delved into the Reporting options. I've attempted to amend the templates but have to admit it's not my forte (could manage Supportworks) Does anyone use something similar that could advise me how to create one. Would be much appreciated. Thank you Debby
  6. This is affecting us also. Unable to access request list or mailbox
  7. Victor, My test one this morning says its been delivered but after checking the mailbox again its still not there 15 mins later. I will check our end again. Thanks for your help. Debby
  8. As per screenshot we have a number of emails not being sent to staff after logging, updating or closing requests. I have tested the outbound routing and it was successful. Any suggestions?
  9. Can anyone advise how i can create a List and Report in the Requests list to show calls that have been cancelled by Full Users. I cannot find a Condition for it. Thank you
  10. Please ignore the above - photo blocked in error. Thank you
  11. I have received the email below that is related to an attached photo. The customer has sent it to me direct but the photo is not attached. I requested he log it via the Service Desk mailbox and this was the result. Any suggestions? Regards Debby From: E-Mail Error Notification <IT Service Desk> Date: 02-Dec-2020 14:56 To: E-Mail Error Notification <IT Service Desk> Subject: Hornbill ESP Message Processing Error We have detected an error during the message decoding process for the attached inbound mail message. This could be due to the MIME decoding problem in Hornbill's software, a corrupt message from the message originator or a general communications problem. You will find the original raw RFC822 formatted message as well as other useful files attached to this message in order to help you identify the message originator and aid in debugging the problem.
  12. We are getting the same issue. Some scheduled calls assigned to the correct team, others haven't but all but did populate the Request list.
  13. I would be interested in this as we often like to see how another member of the team resolved an issue we have not been involved with before. I also thought that if i added myself as a Member i would be notified when the call was Updated or Resolved. Is there something else we could use similar to the Supportworks Watched Call option in case there are multiple calls.?
  14. Oh definately add me too please. File Explorer just doesn't hack it. lol!
  15. Nanette, thank you for your reply but that only tells me when it was last updated i.e. 5 mins ago etc. In Supportworks we could see what the last update was so when flicking through our call list we knew at a glance which we could work on.
  16. Is it possible to see the Last Update in the Request list as we were able to see in Supportworks. When you have a long call list this proved invaluable.
  17. That's excellent, thank you Mary
  18. We are noticing that calls in our requests lists have a green background and some not but i cannot see a pattern. Any suggestions. I dont remember it being this way when we went live on the 10th August. Thank you, Debby
  19. I have a chicken and egg issue here. I need to create over 70 Scheduled Jobs and associated Activity for our Facilities team and can't get my head around the process. Am i scheduling a job first and then the Activities or vice versa. A comprehensive to do list would be greatly appreciated if anyone has the time. Thank you, Debby p.s. I have tried both ways and can see some of the Activities in My Tasks list but dont need to as i'm in IT Support but not all of them depending on how i created them.
  20. Thanks Jeremy - I'll remember that one.
  21. Looking good Keith - thank you for resolving so quickly. Debby
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