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Bugs in Supplier Manager


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We have started to use Supplier Manager, but we have found that:

We cannot add any tags to suppliers
Cannot create a new supplier contract

There is also no guidance regarding the possibilities around Business Processes and what can be achieved.

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Also you can add people to be able to see the suppliers through the Supplier permissions app, but you cannot see the people who already have access and to be able to change their access levels. When searching for a person who has been given certain rights they are all blank and you have to add them again with extra permissions?


Also is there going to be a way to display these on the portal so that our customers can search them and find pertinent information (a bit like allowing connections to see requests)?

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Hi @Jeremy

* Tags need to be set up first in order to associate these to suppliers, are you saying you cant create these, or after you have created them, they can't be assigned to suppliers?


* In regards to contracts, is it that you can't see an option under the supplier to add a contract?  or you get an error when trying to create one?


* In regards to business process options, these have not been enabled in Supplier Manager yet and are on the list of features we are looking to add.  These will be in the form of lifecycle processes, similar to those in Document Manager, but they are not available yet. 

* Regarding the view of which users have which rights and options to amend or view these, i will feed this back to the development team

* I am not aware of any immediate plans to provide visibility of suppliers on self service.    



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@Steven Boardman we assumed that the tags worked in the same way to documents where you just typing them in and press enter to add them to the document. I will add them now.

With the adding a contract as we want to add more detail we are clicking More.... then filling in all the boxes there, once we filled in all the boxes and you click Create, nothing happens for us.

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@Jeremy Sorry for any confusion on the tags

In regards to the contracts i can't seem to replicate the issue 

* If i complete all the fields the contract is created

* If i don't complete the mandatory fields and click create, nothing happens (i will ask the developers) to look at the Form validation and user feedback around mandatory fields. 

If you are using chrome, could you see if there are any errors returned in the console under More Tools > Developer Tools when you are clicking on create?  


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@Steven Boardman This is the error that I can find

  1. @status: "fail", state: {code: "0200", service: "apps", operation: "addSupplierContract",…}}
    1. @status: "fail"
    2. state: {code: "0200", service: "apps", operation: "addSupplierContract",…}
      1. code: "0200"
      2. error: "FlowCode Exception (com.hornbill.suppliermanager/entities/SupplierContracts/fc_ops/addSupplierContract): Input parameter validation error: Non-digit characters found in the element <value>, the expected data type is 'decimal'. The value was [32,000] at location '/methodCall/params/value'"
      3. operation: "addSupplierContract"
      4. service: "apps"

This is what we are filling in and testing...


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