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Custom buttons available on Customer portal

Adrian Simpkins

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Hi All

One of my Analysts has asked if we can have custom buttons on the Customer Portal, so for example we can have a custom button to launch external supplier webpages where we direct our Customers to. My question is, from the brief viewings of the new (highly anticipated) portal, I am guessing we could potentially accommodate this within this area in some form, as I recall seeing links showing on the displayed designs we saw at Insight.

If this is the case, any update as to when the new portal functionality will be available please?

Thanks !

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@Adrian Simpkins in the new employee portal (so for internal customers / users), you can crate your own widgets with links to external content (with the appropriate rights of course)

We are looking to get the employee portal into preview for customers very shortly, so keep an eye out for notifications to this effect. 

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