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Email comms to group mailbox as well as contacts email address

Steven Cotterell

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We have a new external customer that we are going to support and I have created an Organisation for them in Hornbill.

They have a service desk team of approx 20 people and their IT Security team are requesting that they have individual logins to Hornbill (so I would set up 20 unique contacts, associate them with the Organisation and give them Customer Portal access).

They have requested that whenever we send any email comms (using the Email action) relating to & from the request,

  • the email goes to the person who logged the request, and
  • the email also goes to a group mailbox address that all the service desk team have access to. 

The reason for this is that the service desk team operate in a shift rota and if we communicate out via an email, currently it will only go to the requester and not get looked at until they come back on shift, unless we

  • always remember to manually add the group mailbox address directly to the email, or
  • (if at set-up time, we add the group mailbox address as a contact,) always add the group mailbox contact as an 'interested' person then manually add the interested person to the email comms.

Is there any way that

  • on a per contact basis we can say that both their email address & the group mailbox address will ALWAYS be selected, or
  • at an organisation level, all emails to contacts will also always go to the group mailbox address.


Not all our external customers operate in this way so to have it left to a 'human operation' to add this group mailbox to the email comms is not practical.

If we can get something working for this new Organisation, I want to be able to move two of our other Organisations to this model (remove their 'generic' logins to the customer portal and give all their service desk personnel their own logins, to help us spot things like, which contacts are consistently logging requests with us that are woefully missing the right information or are just being logged using the wrong Service Item, etc....)

Thanks in advance.

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Could you just have the same email address for these 20 contacts, and have this customer provide you with an email that they have for a distribution list?

It is possible to set up contacts so that email address are not validated for duplicates.



If you are using the Raise Request from Email option on incoming emails, it will just prompt you to select which of the contacts to raise the request against. 

Would this work for you?

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