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No category provided unable to add value


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When trying to add an update / resolve a request with some time associated to the request there is a yellow pop up that states  "No category provided unable to add value" there is a category in the details area so not sure what category it refers to, perhaps some time-sheet entry specific category. 


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@Brhow i think this is referring to the timesheet category. 

On the timehseet control in the resolution area, there is a drop down next to the timer - are there any categories / sub categories available?

A couple of things to check in Timehseet Manager (by someone who has the rights in Timesheet)

Access Manage Categories



Do you have Request and Sub Categories configured?


If you do, also ensure that the categories and sub categories have been shared with the users who need to add them on resolving a request (and elsewhere)

Do this by clicking on the category and sub category and checking if your teams are added as Members.

If this is set up then you should be able to choose a category and sub category next to the timer on the resolution field on a request.

If you want to avoid having to manually choose a category and sub-category each time you can set up a default category / sub category which will always be used (unless you opt to manually override it)

Choose Manage Default Categories


Add a category / sub category to the Resolve or any other action where you are recording time (the categories / sub categories will be from your defined list) 


Hope that helps



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