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Error: Specified user does not exist

Dan Munns

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We are getting the following error on tickets where the BPM assigns an authorisation task using the variable for users manager:


This BPM has worked fine for a number of months now. The user does infact exist. Account is active, user can logon fine, no other issues I can see.

Any ideas? 

Edit: I should also say the service is available to everyone and the user has a collaboration licence.

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9 hours ago, Dan Munns said:

using the variable for users manager

@Dan Munns based on this and a glimpse of the user ID in the error (CN=...) the issue lays with the LDAP import. There is a REGEX mask that needs be configured (*) when setting a manager otherwise it will use the whole DSN string as ID for the manager... and then you get issues like this... you won't be able to access the user profile because of this neither (either?)...

If is something else raise a support request. I won't be able to look into it as I'm on leave but my colleagues will :) 

(*) needs be configured on certain LDAP environments, it depends on LDAP data.

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