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[Node] Check user exists in Hornbill


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We need a node to check if the user exists in Hornbill or not for our New Starter process (not get their details, just confirm existence).  I am currently using the Get User Details node, but if the user doesn't exist it flags up an error and doesn't allow me to progress in the BPM. 

I needed this automation in place, however because this is not possible I will go back to using a Human Task to check Hornbill to see if the username already exist (or not). Not ideal.

Please can this request be added as a story.



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Hi @samwoo

Have changed the Get User Details node to return an outcome of "usernotfound". This saves having to call 2 nodes to get details. So you can just add a decision node after Get User Details and check for the outcome and handle as needed. The possible outcomes are "success" and "usernotfound". If found the usual output params will be available. Note sure when next scheduled server release is due, but look out for it in release notes.


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