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Link request to supplier

Dan Munns

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Would it be possible to add the functionality to be able to link a request to a supplier from within the SM application. 

I was thinking of a new role which allowed an action button similar to the way linking documents worked.

Then service desk staff can link an incident (or other request type) to a supplier without having to have a supplier manager licence (and all the permission management that goes with having another team added for the sole purpose of linking requests)

They should be able to add any request type to any supplier if they have this role.

This way the RM can see all requests linked and not have to chase around teams to find out if they have any issues with a supplier. 

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@Dan Munns we are currently working on the Service Manager / Supplier Manager integration which should be available shortly. 

This will allow the starting / stopping of events against a suppliers contract from within a request (based on definable request sub-status logic) 

* If an event is started and active, a supplier manager plugin will be visible on the request

* All events are recorded in supplier manager and their compliance to any targets which are set within each suppliers contract.

Supplier Manager is a free productivity app, and anyone who subscribes to supplier manager now as a free productivity app will continue to have free access as part of the price for life guarantee.

Supplier Manager has role based access, and each supplier can be marked as Locked - this then allows the supplier manager to set even more granular rights to users / groups / roles to be able to manage visibility / access / updates (similar to the document manager document sharing options).

This area will inevitably evolve and we always appreciate the feedback


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Thanks @Steven Boardman.

I am aware of the licencing model around Supplier Manager, but I could do without the extra admin at the moment (I am the only Hornbill admin here) so the ability to be able to add requests to suppliers without having to have a licence will be very good for me.

Looking forward to seeing how the integration works with the other applications in the Hornbill suite. 

Thanks again,


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