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Subscribe an organisation to an arbitrary number of services


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I'm trying to automate service subscriptions for external organisations. My problem is that the Cloud Automation node only allows 1 to 1 subscription settings. This can partially be resolved by setting up parallell processing and subscribing to several services. But customer organisations can have anywhere from one to a dozen services (out of our catalog of around 80)
Does anyone have an idea on how to set this up dynamically so for example an anlyst can check a number of checkboxes in the progressive capture and those and only those services are subscribed?
I don't really want to force the analyst to make one request for each service subscription.

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We have a similar situation. Sound like we need the concept of a 'Service Package' which is made up of a number of services and catalogue subscriptions, which can be addressed as bundle which the automation and the UI can then pass the reference to and the system then apples them as one action.



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